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In this tutorial you will learn...

• How to fix annoying typos
• How to change the '->' arrow to something more realistic
• How to change EXP to 'Experience'...
• ...and how to stop it being squashed up

Welcome to the second of my script fix tutorials! Okay, so you've had your first delving into the depths of the RGSS script editor - and now, we're going to go back there to do some more. So, open up your game, and let's get going!

Firstly, we're going to change the arrow on the Equip screen to something a little more realistic than '->'. So, open up the script editor by clicking on the icon or pressing F11 on your keyboard. Now, to quickly find what we want to change, we need to run a search for the text that we want to change. So, in the script list on the left-hand side of the window, right click and you'll get a menu. Click the bottom option: Find. See a screenshot...

Once you've done that, type "->" (without the quote marks!). You'll be presented with a little screen of the search results, like this...

These are all the scripts that the editor has found with your defined text in. Double click on the first one, and you'll be brought to the script which has the symbols in. Find the symbols that we want to change - they should be somewhere like the following...

See? Right, now we need to pick another, more realistic arrow, to go in that place. In my game, I have used this symbol here: » but you can use any symbol that you think looks best. To look at symbols, you can go into the Character Map (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map) or using Microsoft Word (Insert > Symbol) and change the font to look at symbols to insert. If you want to use a symbol from a different font face to your default font (which will be Arial, unless you've changed it, like in the previous tutorial), you'll have to do a little more scripting.

So, let's say I've found a nice arrow that I want to use in the font face Wingdings 3. In my script, underneath the 'self.contents.font.color = system_color', I would insert this...

self.contents.font.name = "Wingdings 3"
self.contents.draw_text(160, 64, 40, 32, "", 1)
self.contents.font.name = "Sylfaen"

Before you ask, the funny Ž character is supposed to be there - this is the character that makes the arrow in Wingdings 3. If you want to use this example, paste in the code so that it fits like this...

Make sure that you don't accidentally delete anything or put it in the wrong place! Now, let's see what this looks like...

See the new arrow? Looks a lot better than the ones below that we haven't changed, don't you think? Now, if you want to use a different character from a different font face, just change the font name in the code, and copy the different character in from Word or the Character Map. Have a play around with this and see what you can do. Just remember, however, to change the font back to your default font when you're done! Mine here was Sylfaen, but the default font for RMXP is Arial, unless you've already changed it - in which case, you should know what it is!

So, now we know how to do that, you can change the other arrows in the same way. Now, let's take a look at changing some other things. On the Status screen, you will notice that Experience points is written as 'EXP' and the Next Level is written as 'NEXT', which, in my opinion, could look better - so, let's change it. Go back into your script editor. Now, if we run a search for EXP, we will get about fifty entries in which this appears, so we need to be a bit more specific. Instead of searching for EXP without double quotes, this time, put them in. Now, rather than far too many scripts being found, we'll get three - and, on further inspection, the first one is the one we want. How did I know? If you look at the script name, it is Window_Status - which is what we want to change.

Note: If you want to know why putting the double quotes in makes the search more efficient, it is because we are actually searching for an instance of the string EXP - that is, where it is actually written like that in the game (on a window, in a menu etc.), and not used as a word in the script. This may be confusing if you've never come across scripting before, but if I have time, I'll write a little tutorial on the basic principles of RGSS.

When you double click on that, you'll get this...

Can you see where it is? Okay, so, I'm going to change that to the full word: 'Experience', and I'm going to change the word NEXT to 'Next Level.' Also, while I'm here, I'll put a capital letter on 'equipment.' =P) See how I've changed it...

Okay? Now, let's take a look at this in-game.

Now, you might have noticed that I've gone back to using the default Arial font face. With the font that I've been using so far (Sylfaen), this isn't a problem - but, with Arial, do you notice how the words are all squished together? We can easily fix that by changing some figures in the script editor. So, head back to your Window_Status script, and find where the word 'Experience' is that we've just written in. Found it? Okay, you see just before the word, where the code says (320, 48, 80, 32) - remember what I said in the last tutorial about x, y, width and height? We need to change the text's width, because it's not long enough - so we'll need to change the third value, here: 80. So, change that to something like 120 - see a picture...

And, now, if we look in-game...

You see how much better that looks? Now, if we change the 'Next Level' value too, we get a much neater Status screen. Look here...

So - there we have it: changing typos and fixing the squished-up text. I hope you've found this tutorial handy; hopefully you can search and experiment in the script editor a bit, and fix some more things. The next tutorial will be a very short one on changing the font of the Timer, and how to hide it completely.

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