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In this tutorial you will learn...

• How to link maps together using events
• Some common problems that might occur...
• ...and how to solve them

So, hopefully now you have a basic grasp of the event, how some things work and how you can use switches and variables. Now, one of the most important things that events do are to link maps together. Without them, we wouldn't get around! In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to link your maps up.

Firstly, select a blank map and build some basic boundaries so that you know where you're going to put your map-changing event. See the screenshot for ideas:

Don't worry about making it too fancy, just make a basic map and mark out where you're going to have the boundaries. Now double-click in the space where you're going to have your map-changing event, and name the event something like 'Map Portal.' That's all you need to do at the moment. Click okay and leave the event blank on your first map. Now create another map, looking similar, with boundaries where you want your player to exit and enter the map, like so...

Now that you have two maps, you can link them both together. Go back to your first map, and open up the event editor again. Right-click and open up the insert command menu, and go onto the second page of commands. The first option should be Transfer Player:

Click on it, and you will be presented with a box, looking something like this...

Make sure that 'Direct Appointment' is selected. This will choose the map and the coordinates that you will end up at. The 'Appoint with variables' choice is for advnaced users who want to use variables (another of their endless uses) to choose where the player appears and on which map. The direction drop-down list we will be using: choose which way you want your player to face after he or she has been transported from the event that you are controlling here. The fading box selects, naturally, where the trasporting fades to black between maps or not.

Click the arrow next to the map name and coordinates box, and you will be presented with a list of map names and a picture of each map. Choose the map that you are trasporting to, and find the coordinate where you will be transported to (the square which allows entry to the map). See how I've done it (this is from the first map in the screenshots)...

You see the white box? That is the place that I am trasporting to, on my second map. Click OK, then OK again and you will be brought back to the event editing page. Now, go down to where it says 'Trigger,' and select Player Touch. This will make sure that when the player walks on the event, he will get transported.

Now, create another event on the second map which is exactly the same, only with different maps and coordinates. Make sure that you set the trigger to Player Touch, otherwise it won't work! Now, set your starting position to one of the maps, and try out your map-linking system. Does it work?

If you have some problems, re-check the map variables on the event. Also, check that you haven't got any boxes checked in the Conditions section of the event, and make sure that the trigger is set to player touch on both of them. Have a play around with the different options on the Transfer Player box and see what they do.

Congratulations! You can now link up your maps. In the next tutorial, I will dip into some Autonomous movement and go through making Non-Playable characters.

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