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In this tutorial you will learn...

• How to create a state
• How states work in and out of battle

Hello again! In this tutorial, we'll be looking at the database entry of states. Click onto the states tab and you'll see a screen like this...

This is where all the states are. A state is something that gets inflicted on you during battle, and may or may not go away at the end of it, and states can be used to make power up skills (I'll show you this later).

So, make a new entry in the database using the 'Change Maximum' and you'll see a pane like this...

1 - The name of the skill.
2 - The animation that is continually played for as long as the player has that state.
3 - The restriction of the state. Along with the options in the 4 box, this makes up what the state does. There are four restrictions: Can't use magic stops the player from using any skill with the ATK-F rating of 0, Always attack enemies makes the player ignore commands and always attack the enemies, Always attack allies makes the player ignore commands and always attack the other players, and finally, Can't move stops the player from moving completely.
4 - Other restrictions:
• Nonresistance is generally for states with positive effects. Changing to a state with this setting always works (guaranteed hit).
• Regard HP as 0 is for states such as Knockout. Any state with this restriction is automatically applied when the player's HP reaches 0 (the one with the highest rating is displayed - see below (number 5)).
• Can't get EXP is also used with Knockout states, and prevents the player from gaining EXP at the end of a battle.
• Can't evade prevents the player from evading any attack regardless of agility etc. settings. This does not prevent the attacker missing.
• And finally, Slip damage is for states such as Venom, which makes the player loose HP every turn (about 1/10 of MaxHP). This also makes the player loose 1/100 of MaxHP every two steps on the field, and it makes the screen flicker red every time the inflicted player looses HP on the field.
5 - The rating is the importance of the state. When multiple states are applied, the one with the highest rating's name is displayed. If the states have the same rating, the one with the highest-in-the-list restriction show its name, then the one with the lowest (highest-in-the-list) ID number. If the rating is set to zero, the state's name is not displayed. Hit Rate% is how accurate the state is when it is cast. The MaxHP%, MaxSP%, STR%, DEX% AGI%, INT%, ATK%, PDEF% and MDEF% are all the percentage of the respective parameter that the state changes for the player. For example, if the ATK% was set to 50%, then when that certain state was applied, the player's ATK would be halved. If the value was 120%, the attack power would be increased by 20%, and so on. And finally, the EVA box is for how much the state changes the player's evade rate.
6 - This is for setting when and if the state is removed in battle. The Release at end of battle releases the state at the end of the battle. The Turns box is for setting how often there is a chance of being released. The percentage chance is how likely the state is to be released after the number of turns or at the end of battle. For example, if the turns box read 5, and the percentage was 50, then every five turns there would be a 1 in 2 chance of being released. The physical damage deal percentage box is for setting how likely the state is to be released each time the player gets hit.
7 - The elemental defence box is to set which elements the states defend against, and the state change box is to remove or add any states when the selected state is applied. For example, when the state Knockout is applied, all other negative states are removed.

Now I'm going to create a state of my own. Here's how I did it...

As you can see, the state is similar to the Venom state, but I made my own animation (which the next tutorial is all about), and the state reduces attack power by 10%. However, it has Fire defence as well.

In the next tutorial we'll be looking at something quite tricky but really cool: animations.

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