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In this tutorial you will learn...

• All about skills
• How to create and modify them
• How different things affect their function

So then! Skills. Click onto the skills tab at the top of your database, and we'll begin. You'll be presented with a screen looking something like this...

This shows all the different things that affects what skills can do. Skills can be learnt as a character grows up through levels, or using events (I'll go into events later) you can teach a character a skill regardless of what level they are. Skills are basically special or magical attacks that use up SP - therefore you can only use them a certain number of times before your SP runs out. To create a new skill, as always, click 'Change Maximum' at the bottom of the list of skills, and increase the number by one. Click on the blank entry and you'll be presented with a new skill pane.

1 - The name of the skill.
2 - The icon that appears next to the skill's name in the menu or in battle.
3 - The description of the skill that appears at the top of the skill select window in the menu or in battle.
4 - The scope of the skill. An attacking skill would be 'One Enemy' or 'All Enemies', whereas a healing skill would be 'One Ally' or 'All Allies'. Set to none for Field Skills. If you want to make a revive skill, set to 'One Ally (HP 0)' or 'All Allies (HP 0).
5 - When the skill is allowed to be used. Attack skills are set to 'Only in Battle', and Healing skills are set to 'Always' (in battle or from the menu). A Field Skill would probably be 'Only from the Menu'. 'Never' is when you can't use the skill at all.
6 - The animations played when a player uses a skill. The user animation is the animation played for the person who casts the skill (E.g. If they were using magic, there might be some sparkles or something) and the target animation is the animation played for the attacked enemy or healed etc. player. (E.g. A thunderbolt for an attack or some stars for healing). I'll go into animations later.
7 - This is the sound effect played when the skill used from the menu screen (E.g. A healing skill).
8 - The Common Event called when the skill is used. This is extremely useful for Field Skills.
9 - This is all the things that affect how the skill fuctions. The SP cost box is for how much Skill Points the skill uses up when cast. The Power box is for how powerful the skill is. If you want to make a healing skill, you need to set this value to a negative number. Attacking skill obviously have positive numbers. Now we come on to the -F boxes:
ATK-F: This is how much the user's attack power affects the outcome of the skill. 100 is an average physical attack. If you set the value to zero, the skill is considered Magic and you cannot use it when the user's state is set to Mute. Physical attacks always have a significant value (anything but zero). If the value is high, the user's attack power matters more to the outcome of the skill.
EVA-F: This is how likely the skill is to miss based on Dexterity and Agility values. 100 is an average attack, but set to zero for magic skills. The value is calculated in-game using the enemy's Agility and the user's Dexterity values.
STR-F: Similar to the ATK-F. This is how much the user's strength affects the outcome of the skill. 100 is an average attack.
DEX-F: How much the user's Dexterity affects the outcome of the skill. The higher the number, the more the Dexterity matters.
INT-F: How much the user's Intelligence affects the outcome of the skill. The higher the number, the more the Intelligence matters.
The Hit Rate is the skill's accuracy. A normal skill is set to 100 (maximum accuracy). The PDEF-F box if for setting how much the enemy's physical defence affects the outcome of the skill. Use this for physical skills. 100 is an average attack. The MDEF-F box is much the same, only it goes on how much magical defence the enemy has. Use this for magical skills. 100 is an average attack. And finally, the Variance. This is just a little feature that makes the attacks realistic by making the power value vary slightly. The higher the number, the greater the change.
10 - This is for setting the skill's element properties. The skill's power changes depending on the target's strengths and weaknesses.
11 - This is for setting which state change the skill inflicts. For a raising skill, you would set a minus on knockout.

Phew, That took a while! I hope you got all that. Now, for my Darius character, I'm going to make him two skills: an attacking skill, and a healing skill. See here how I did the attacking skill...

As you can see, I set the ATK-F to 70. This is important to remember when you create your own physical attack skills, so that when (if) your player gets the Mute state, they can still use their physical attacks. (I'm just using the animations that are already there at the moment, but when I get onto the tutorial on them I'll make custom ones.)

See below now for the healing skill...

In this skill, I set the ATK-F to zero, as it is a magic skill. The INT-F is set fairly high, and (perhaps most importantly) the attack power is set to a negative number. Also, I've set the Menu Use SE to something that sounds right for when the skill is used out of battle. (Same thing with the animation - I'll do custom ones later on.)

You can now use your cutom skills to your character's class to learn as they grow through levels. I added mine to Darius' class (see the previous tutorial for information on setting skills to learn at certain levels)...

In the next tutorial, we'll be looking at creating Items.

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