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In this tutorial you will learn...

• How to add random battles to your map
• About using map settings to achieve this

Hey there, and welcome to the final of my advanced mapping tutorials! Originally, the tutorial on pictures before this was the last one, but I decided to write this tutorial and add it on the end. As I said above, in this tutorial you will be learning how to make random battles in your game using the map settings.

So! Let's get going. Get yourself a new map or navigate to the map that you would like to add random battles to. Now, find the little map menu down on the bottom left hand side of the screen where all your maps are listed.

Here you can see my cursor pointing to the (originally named!) map that I am going to use. If I right click on this, I will see this menu here:

As you can see where my cursor is, we're going to click on 'Map Properties.' This is where all the settings for your map are changed - and where we can add random battles. You will see a box like this:

Look vaguely familiar? The only other time that I have used this box is in the very first tutorial that I wrote on beginning to make a map. Long time ago, huh? Anyway, we're going to learn how to put battles onto this map. You see the white box headed 'Troops'? This is where we add the different battles in. If you remember from my Database tutorial on setting up enemies and troops, a troop is basically a battle with a different number of enemies in it. To add a troop to the map, right click in the Troop box, and select Edit, like so…

If you click on this, you will get a small box that shows all the different troops that we can choose from.

Select your troop from the drop-down menu. When you have selected it, click OK and it will be added to the Troops list. You can add as many different troops as you like (within reason!) and they will appear randomly on the map. Now, the last thing to add is about the box below the troops, called 'Steps Average.' This is the approximate number of steps between random encounters. It depends on your own tastes, but I personally find that 30 is a bit too often - but it's up to you. Bear in mind also, that steps go a lot faster than you think they will! It's best to set a value and do some walking around and experimenting for a bit.

And that, I think, is the end of my tutorial on adding battles to your map - and the last of my advanced mapping tutorials! My next set of tutorials will be on advanced eventing, which is what I specialise in. See you there!

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