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This is my FAQ page. Since receiving e-mails, a few questions have come up more than once, and so, to make things easier for you, I've posted some of them here so that you can read them before making the effort to e-mail me! I know it's a bit bare at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get more questions like this quite soon.

Can you play my game for me and give me some feedback, please?
I'm afraid that life is getting busier and busier as I write this, so I probably will not have time to play through games unless for specific reasons. But when I have time, I may well play through some demos and give feedback. If you are thinking of sending me your demos, etc., please make sure you read this tutorial before trying to send me a .rxproj file that I can do nothing with! Also (just a little tip), before sending games for feedback check that you have used correct English spelling and grammar. There's nothing that makes a game look more amateur than, for example, incorrect use of the word 'your', or having apostrophes in plural nouns or present-tense verbs (yes, I have seen this before!). It's so often overlooked, but something that makes such a huge difference to the professionalism of your games.

How do you get a character's name to show up in a message box?
This is something that I've finally got round to doing a tutorial on: Character Names. Normally, you just use the \n[x] code in the show text command, replacing the x with the number of the character in the database (by default, Arshes is 1, Basil is 2, and so on).

How do I get a side-view battle system (like in Kingdom Hearts, etc.)?
I'm afraid this requires scripting work; it's too complicated to be done with events. At the moment, I'm not a fluent scripter (I'm working on it, I promise!), so your best bet is to have a look on sites such as rmxp.org or do a scour from Google.

How do I make my own sprites?
This is something that can only really be done with patience and know-how in a graphics editing program such as PSP or Photoshop. I will soon have a tutorial on the graphic specifications of character graphics and useful applications for them, but to make them from scratch, you really need to be a pixel artist. You can always search for templates on Google and colour the clothes in yourself using the RTP as a resource, which is what I tend to do.

How do I recolour sprites?
The same as the above, really. If you can't use RMXP's built-in hue adjustment slider to get the colour that you want, you'll have to open up the graphic in a graphics editing program such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop and recolour the sprite by hand, either by making your own palette or using the Colorize feature that so many graphics editing packages have. Then, save the graphic and re-import it using the materialbase to use in your game.

Some of the tutorials on your sitemap are greyed out. What's going on?
These are the tutorials that I am planning to write, or have started, but haven't finished yet. Some of the tutorials I am having to work out some pretty complicated stuff for, and they're taking me a little longer than expected. This is why there are some tutorials greyed out in the middle of lists. I'm working on them as fast as I can - so keep checking back!

Are you going to keep writing tutorials for this site?
Definitely! I do know how frustrating it is to keep visiting a site where there are no updates, but I can promise you that I will keep writing tutorials for this site, whenever I get the chance. My life is extremely busy at the moment - but I think that RMXP shouldn't die out, and I definitely want to keep helping people make the most of this awesome piece of software. Thank you all for your patience =)

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