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Here I have my contact details, if you would like to send me a mail asking for something or suggesting something. Just before I give out my address, I would like to lay a few ground rules:
    • Please do not flame me. If you cannot say something positive or constructive, I'd rather not hear it.
    • I am much more likely to listen to your requests if you are civil and polite. 'Please' and 'thank you' go a long way!
    • I am a very busy person (even more busy than I was when I started this site!), so please don't be offended if you don't receive a reply for a week or so! I do my utmost best to reply to every e-mail that I receive, but sometimes I might not have time to answer straight away.
    • Please ask in an e-mail before sending me your project files to fix. I will do my absolute best to fix your event systems and such and I will write back with the fix, telling you what the problem was (if I fix it), but it's much easier for me if you tell me before filling my inbox with project files!
    • And finally, if you would like to request a tutorial for the site, I will try and get it finished as soon as possible - but they do take a long time to do. I will post you on the progress if you ask me to ^-^

    Note: As of yet, I am not a scripter; asides from my laughable attempt to make a coherent Party Switching Script, I haven't written more than a few lines of code to fix little things, as seen in my Script Fixes tutorials. If you're after a side-view or animated battle system script, or something else such as a face-message script, then I'm afraid I won't be able to provide you with the code itself, but I can probably point you in the right direction. I'm working on being able to write RGSS, but it's a slow process - especially if you want to do it well! =P

    For those who are worried about sending me their games: I hereby swear not to take or redistribute your custom resources without prior written consent by you.

    Right, I think that's pretty much it ^_^ Sorry to be so demanding, but there are people out there who need to be told how to be polite =P Here you go then - for suggestions, questions and comments regarding this site (or if you would like to request a tutorial), send to...

    And for sending me requests about your projects, asking for help with your games and sending me your project files, send to...

    I hope I can help you ^_^

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